About Ezekiel Akande

Ezekiel Akande was born in Nigeria and has been in the USA since 1992. He is an author and an anesthesiologist as well as a specialized pain medicine practitioner. Ezekiel Akande used to own a very successful pain practice in the state of Kentucky. Currently, his interest is in clean energy, global real estate, and politics of the developing countries and around the world; most especially Nigeria.

Ezekiel Akande is a philanthropist and is interested in clean energy development in Africa especially as it impacts structural development. Most of his entrepreneurial endeavors have been in clean energy, artificial intelligence, big data, and housing development. Ezekiel Akande has a particular interest in agriculture pertaining to countries like Thailand, Nigeria, Panama, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil, and Indonesia. He believes that adequate energy can positively drive agriculture, education, healthcare, housing, and improve the economies of third world countries.

Ezekiel Akande believes in investing in IPO’s of companies that can drive development in the areas of energy like reverse engineering in the creation of new batteries, hydrogen cells, big data, artificial intelligence, and other clean energy sources. He believes these are the new future frontiers of development all over the world.

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